On Black Friday all types of shoppers meet at the stores’ door as each seeks for a chance to purchase the item they have been saving for the entire year. Students, part-time workers, pensioners, and professionals fight for space to take up the limited items on offer. With these scenarios, crowding is a usual trend on this day. As you are aware, large crowds are a threat to the business if necessary measures are not in place.

Previous Black Friday deals have ended with a report of deaths of some shoppers. Hence, as a retailer, you need to develop strategies to minimize crowds and queues in your store. Here are some tips to controlling the crowd in your shop during the Black Friday sales:

a.    Match your in-store and online prices

Online shopping is becoming popular across the world. In fact, in the recent Black Friday days, the number of customers shopping online has been growing.  However, some retailers offer better discounts to in-store shoppers in comparison to their online counterparts.

As a result, only a few shoppers do their shopping online. Instead, they prefer visiting the stores to save more through impressive offers. As such, if you want to reduce queues and crowds in your stores, you need to ensure that your online and in-store prices are matching.

b.    Reduce waiting time

Delay on the point of sales is the leading cause of long queues on Black Friday. Some retailers receive a large number of customers beyond their expectation. Cashiers work under pressure which leading to long waiting time. For this reason, it is critical to prepare yourself in advance to avoid long queues during Black Friday sales. This can be through availing more payment processing points.

Also, you can design contingent shifts where the cashiers work for minimum hours to avoid pressure. This way, there will be faster service delivery which will reduce queues in your stores.

c.    Digitize your queuing controls

Alternatively, other than using the above mechanisms, you can adopt a digitized queue control system. What happens with this system is that you provide a waiting space for your shoppers. After shopping, the customers get numbers of the cashier who will process their payment. Then, they move on to the waiting space where they stay until their number is displayed on the screens. With this, you will be able to manage your queues efficiently. Also, there will be no crowding on your cashier desks.

With this tips, now you can enjoy fabulous Black Friday sales and serve your customers in a stress-free environment.


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