November 24, 2017, is the Black Friday deals D-day. Customers will get out in numbers to kick on the annual shopping prime day. As a retailer looking forward to receiving significant customers in your in-store or online shops, preparation is essential.

Without proper preparation, instead of making profits, you will encounter losses. Accidents, slow customer service, and downtime of your online stores will be the realities during the entire period.

Making killing profits requires excellent preparations. Here are the basics for adequate preparation of your store for the Black Friday sales:

a)    Prepare your information in advance

To attract customer to your shop during this period, you must provide them with essential information about your sales offer.  The news sent to them must be compelling and persuasive. In this regard, you need to prepare your Black Friday promotions information in advance. Doing this will offer you enough space to assess its effectiveness and ability to deliver your sales objectives. Also, it will help you to craft customer-targeted statements as well as deciding the right marketing channels to use.

b)    Organize your sales team

Even with sufficient advance preparation, without an organized sales time fulfilling your sales goals will remain as wishes. As you know, efficient customer service is the foundation of high sales.  Hence, you need to prepare your staffs on the best customer care practices. As such, on Black Friday, you need to organize your sales team in a way that will ensure quality service provision.

For instance, you need to train them on how to receive customers, take them around the store’s shelves, and inform them about your discounts. Also, you need to show them how to convince the customers to spend more through providing add-ons.  With this, it will be easier to earn more revenue from your Black Friday sales.

c)    Test the ability of your online and in-stores to handle high traffics

Apart from designing your Black Friday promotion information and preparing a competent sales team, testing your store capability to treat a substantial number of customers is essential.  Evidently, your store will witness a large number of customers on Black Friday.

As such, it is essential to check your store’s ability handle large crowds without affecting normal operations.  Also, it is likely that your online shop will receive high traffic during the Black Friday sales. Hence, you must prepare your in-store and online stores for the massive sales.

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